Any component or page of your application can fetch content from the content/ directory.

The queryContent() function is auto-imported by Nuxt Content to build queries with a MongoDB-like syntax.


Create a query builder

Create a new query builder with queryContent().

You can give a path as a parameter, starting at the root of your content/ directory.


Resolve the query

Resolve the query with one of these methods:

  • find() will always return an array of one or more items corresponding to documents in the content/ directory.
/* returns every document found at the root (/) path of the content/ directory */queryContent('/').find()
  • findOne() will return an object corresponding to the matching document.
/* returns only the matching index.md found at the root (/) path of the content/ directory */queryContent('/').findOne()

With useAsyncData

Wrap your query in the useAsyncData composable (auto-imported as well).

const { data } = await useAsyncData('home', () => queryContent('/').findOne())
<script setup>const { data } = await useAsyncData('home', () => queryContent('/').findOne())</script><template><main>  <pre>    {{ data }}  </pre></main></template>
  # Hello Content v2!  Content V2 is a Git-based CMS
    "title":"Hello Content V2!",
                  "value":"Hello Content V2!"

Query builder

queryContent() supports methods chaining to create advanced queries.

Once your query is ready, make sure to end your call with .find(), .findOne() or .findSurround() to effectively trigger data fetching.

Discover every query methods in the API reference


This example uses the where() and only() methods to fetch the title of the document corresponding to the current browser URL.

<script setup>const { path } = useRoute()const { data } = await useAsyncData(`content-${path}`, () => {  return queryContent().where({ _path: path }).only(['title']).findOne()})</script><template>  <main>    <h1>{{ data.title }}</h1>  </main></template>

API routes

Nuxt Content creates a REST GET endpoint for each document in the content/ directory.

The API root path /api/_content/query accepts query parameters such as:

  • /api/_content/query?only=title
  • /api/_content/query?sort=size:1
  • /api/_content/query?without=body


# Hello Content v2!
[  {    "_path": "/hello",    "_draft": false,    "_partial": false,    "_empty": false,    "title": "Hello!",    "description": "",    "body": {      "type": "root",      "children": [        {          "type": "element",          "tag": "h1",          "props": {            "id": "hello!"          },          "children": [            {              "type": "text",              "value": "Hello!"            }          ]        }      ],      "toc": {        "title": "",        "searchDepth": 2,        "depth": 2,        "links": []      }    },    "_type": "markdown",    "_id": "content:hello.md",    "_source": "content",    "_file": "hello.md",    "_extension": "md"  }]